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The Unemployment situation among the youth is a topical subject across the country and has been discussed at length by political groups, think tanks and other institutions concerned, although little has been achieved in the bid to wrestle the problem.

Today more and more graduates are falling within the unemployment bracket, instead of getting meaningful jobs that would improve the quality of their lives and at the same time positively impact our economy. Today, total unemployment for persons within the bracket of 15-24 in Ghana is about 16.6 percent.

Currently, report indicates that there are about 200,000 unemployed graduates and experts have projected an increase in the number.

The Ghana living standards survey for 2012/13 estimates that 250,000 young men and women enter the labor market every year with only 2% absorbed in the formal sector while the other 98% seek employment in the informal sector or remain unemployed.

• To this end the Youth Agenda TV Series would want to explore by discussing issues pertaining to youth employment, the social and economic consequences accompanying the phenomenon and how we can begin to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship as a viable alternative tool for mitigating the unemployment menace in the country.

• We will invite for discussion successful young people who have started their own businesses, understand their challenges and use their story and advice to push other unemployed youth to do same.

• We would also educate young people about what employers are looking for in any prospective employee (this covers CV writing skills, mock interviews etc.)

• We will also provide education (advice from experts) for prospective entrepreneurs in areas like business planning techniques and proposals, company registration processes, loans and funds etc

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