Prez. Kufuor Challenges Ghanaian Youth

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At the Impact Africa Summit 2016 held last week, Former President Kufuor was given an award in acknowledgment for his role in leadership & governance.

Youth Agenda TV picked a few cues worth sharing

Receiving the award, the Former President admonished the country’s youth to be focused and nurture their leadership qualities for the future.

According to the Former President, whether in politics or in the corporate world, good leadership is crucial to the growth of the country and urged students at the tertiary level to strive for such qualities.

“I believe I became what I became through a long apprenticeship that started from my student days and I wish that for the up and coming generations…Without good leadership that really cares about the sustainability of life we would be lost.It does not fall like a ripe fruit from the tree down for people to pick, we need to nurture it.” Prez Kufuor

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