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The Youth Agenda Series is an online & electronic TV program that seeks to create a platform where 3 critical subjects that directly bother on Ghana’s youth are discussed and brought to the viewing public and to the attention of youth advocate groups, policy influencers, lobbyists and policy makers. The subjects cover 3 main areas namely
1. Education,
2. Entrepreneurship,
3. Leadership & Governance.


It is widely agreed that, the most critical element of development for any nation around the world is the youth. Research has shown that countries with exponential growth are those who put a high premium on the development of its youth in all the areas of society. In Ghana especially, several literature have been written to advance the welfare of young people and to press for their involvement and participation in the administration of the state. Sadly, due to over politicization and weak political will, little success have been achieved. Less of youth voice and concerns are heard and many of our young people have grown apathetic and unproductive, without a sense of initiative and even worse caught up in certain vices.

Through this platform we seek to throw more light on the youth with focus on 3 important areas that bother directly on their development, growth and effectiveness in the country


The Youth Agenda TV series will be discussing a number of interesting topics and subjects in education:

• By education we want to look at how our present educational system can become globally competitive and more importantly, effective enough to translate into a problem solving tool for young people and the country in a practical way.

• We will be examining our present education system and would hear from young people (i.e. student leaders etc) about what possible changes need to be made to better the system in order to make it more effective to produce the results required for the growth of the country.

• We would also want to understand to what extent the present education system at the tertiary level is able to meet the demands of the job market/corporate environment. Some have argued that, the disconnect between our education system and the job market is what fully explains why graduate unemployment is on the rise. Others add that our education is too theoretical, less practical and out of touch with the corporate global market today. The platforms brings these matters together to better understand what the real challenges are with regards to our education system today.

• Again we would be examining and bringing to the fore the issue of choice of courses from the junior high to the tertiary level and whether these choice of courses have any bearing or relationship with future career goals. Our research has shown that most students especially those at the junior high and senior level struggle to connect their career goals to the subjects they are reading and therefore brings to light the problem of lack of academic/career counselors and counseling units in our public schools that who be responsible for helping students pick the right course programs that sit well with their future career goals. Through this program we would enable students learn what right courses to pursue that would make choosing their career paths a little easier and less confusing.

• The program will also be providing overseas scholarship application information to viewers who have the desire to study abroad.


The Unemployment situation among the youth is a topical subject across the country and has been discussed at length by political groups, think tanks and other institutions concerned, although little has been achieved in the bid to wrestle the problem.

Today more and more graduates are falling within the unemployment bracket, instead of getting meaningful jobs that would improve the quality of their lives and at the same time positively impact our economy. Today, total unemployment for persons within the bracket of 15-24 in Ghana is about 16.6 percent and places Ghana 78 in our her comparison to the world (CIA World Fact Book).

Currently, report indicates that there are about 200,000 unemployed graduates and experts have projected an increase in the number.

The Ghana living standards survey for 2012/13 estimates that 250,000 young men and women enter the labor market every year with only 2% absorbed in the formal sector while the other 98% seek employment in the informal sector or remain unemployed.

• To this end the Youth Agenda TV Series would want to explore by discussing issues pertaining to youth employment, the social and economic consequences accompanying the phenomenon and how we can begin to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship as a viable alternative tool for mitigating the unemployment menace in the country.

• We will invite for discussion successful young people who have started their own businesses, understand their challenges and use their story and advice to push other unemployed youth to do same.

• We would also educate young people about what employers are looking for in any prospective employee (this covers CV writing skills, mock interviews etc.)

• We will also provide education (advice from experts) for prospective entrepreneurs in areas like business planning techniques and proposals, company registration processes, loans and funds etc


Like they say, ‘when two elephants fight, the grass suffers’.
Today, young people are lost and caught in the middle of heated debate between the two major political parties we have in the country. Even worse, we have many young people joining the unhealthy fray instead of taking a stand geared towards getting our leaders to redirect their focus towards national development.

The polarized nature of our political system today has stifled Ghana’s growth and stagnated its progress. The program will seek to discuss ways by which we can encourage young people to be more independent and assertive in their thinking regardless of their political affiliation.

The program will discuss ways by which we can help young people find their voice in the governance process and actively involve them in the growth the country desperately needs. The Youth Agenda TV Series will be a platform where young people will have the opportunity to voice out their hard concerns about recent happenings in the political space ranging from corruption, political appointment, accountability(at the district and state levels), trading of indecent language between political leaders and a host of others.

The program will also bring to light and teach key leadership skills young people need to start adopting and these will cover communication and public speaking, diplomacy, self-confidence, volunteerism and community or social work etc.

You are encouraged to follow us for more stories and issue based discussions that would arm you with information and challenge you to be responsive and assertive on matters that affect every young person across the country.

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