Demand More Accountability From Your Leaders-Dr Bossman

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Head of Department-Political Science University of Ghana, Dr Bossman Asare has stressed on the need for citizens of the country in whom state power and authority is derived to make political leaders more accountable.

Here is what Dr Bossman had to say:
“Ghana ‘ s quest to attain development in the true meaning of the word will be elusive if the Ghanaian people do not compel their leaders to be honest and truthful. Mostly we know people are brutally dishonest and corrupt but we support them to occupy more sensitive and influential positions in the society. All because they are in the political parties we support or the ethnic groups we belong to. The conscience of the society is missing.
People in high places will openly cross the line but they will be exalted by many people.
When we lack consensus on what is right and wrong, then clearly we can conclude that we aren’t ready for prime time – development. The democracy is for us the ghanaian people; if the leaders of the parties we support are subverting the process we should be the first people to call them to order. Anything that undermines the process must be resisted by any means, perhaps legally, if necessary…
…if the people fail to demand their democracy these things will continue to define us . I strongly believe that people of faith (Christians/Muslims ) must be seen to be ensuring that they don’t only speak against these excesses but they must also ensure that the politicians are advancing the ghanaian cause.,,
if we don’t act with dispatch; the young ones who are coming up are so intelligent and ambitious but they will curse us for destroying the society largely because there would be no place or opportunities for them”

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