Entrepreneurial Series with Host- Justina Yeboah.

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Ever seen or lived in a house built with plastic bottles?

Well It was exciting over the weekend when the team led by Justina Yeboah engaged Paul Coffie Bebobru Jnr, CEO of Toahouse at Cuppa Cappuccino

This is a young man who is constructing affordable yet attractive modern houses with plastic bottles and has made significant gains over time. With demand growing, Toahouse is soon extending operations to the northern part of Ghana.

Not only is toahouse commended for building houses but for its positive social and environmental impact on the society.

In the face of increasing graduate unemployment Paul encourages more young people to venture into entrepreneurship and has strongly insisted that the only way one can succeed with an entreprenuerial idea is the willingness to get his hands dirty!.

‘The Entrepreneurial Series program seeks to ignite the spirit of Entrepreneurship as a robust alternative to the growing graduate unemployment situation in Ghana’

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