Corporate Memoir: What CEOs Expect From Job Seekers & Graduates Pt 1.

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Corporate Memoir: What CEOs Expect From Job Seekers & Graduates

Employers are looking for the following things:

  • Someone who can do the job.

They need someone with the right set of skills, attributes and experience to handle successfully the duties and responsibilities of the post.

  • Someone who will do the job.

They want someone who appears keen and committed and worth the investment in their training and development. An employer will not want to replace someone six months into the job because they couldn’t do it or they left to do something else.

  • Someone who will fit in.

They need someone that they can picture doing the job, working within the team, meeting clients, if appropriate, and fitting into the culture of their organisation. This means complementing rather than replicating existing staff.

All you need to do is demonstrate that you can be this person! How can you persuade employers that you can tick all three boxes? Think about the skills and examples you would include in your CV or application form and the words you would use to describe yourself. Employers will make their final decision at the interview stage, but keeping these three areas in mind when completing applications should improve your chances of getting there.

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