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Like they say, ‘when two elephants fight, the grass suffers’.
Today, young people are lost and caught in the middle of heated debate between the two major political parties we have in the country. Even worse, we have many young people joining the unhealthy fray instead of taking a stand geared towards getting our leaders to redirect their focus towards national development.

The polarized nature of our political system today has stifled Ghana’s growth and stagnated its progress. The program will seek to discuss ways by which we can encourage young people to be more independent and assertive in their thinking regardless of their political affiliation.

The program will discuss ways by which we can help young people find their voice in the governance process and actively involve them in the growth the country desperately needs. The Youth Agenda TV Series will be a platform where young people will have the opportunity to voice out their hard concerns about recent happenings in the political space ranging from corruption, political appointment, accountability(at the district and state levels), trading of indecent language between political leaders and a host of others.

The program will also bring to light and teach key leadership skills young people need to start adopting and these will cover communication and public speaking, diplomacy, self-confidence, volunteerism and community or social work etc.